Llamau VAWDASV Services

Llamau is the leading homelessness charity in Wales, supporting the most vulnerable young people and women. We are particularly well known for working with those most at risk - care leavers, people who have been involved with the criminal justice system, people who have experienced domestic abuse and people who have had chaotic and disadvantaged lifestyles. They need high levels of individual support to help them gain the skills necessary for them to live independent and purposeful lives in their communities.

Llamau VAWDASV services provides a range of 1:1 and group support for children and young people affected by or at risk of abuse. This year to date we have: 

·         Worked with women in refuge to write a book for children who need to access in the future. Granny Grey saves the day is a book that helps children understand the journey of refuge, in a child centred way, through the adventure of a family fleeing their island due to an angry volcano. They go to stay on Granny greys boat with a variety on animals until a safe island can be found for them to move to.

·         Delivered 44 awareness raising sessions with 1655 Children and Young People in the community, covering sexting, sexual consent, coercion and healthy relationships

·         Worked with 146 individual children and their parents, supporting them to work through the impact abuse has had on their lives, understand and manage their emotions, understand their rights and build positive futures

·         Delivered ADAPT, Llamau’s bespoke group work for teenagers at risk of unhealthy relationships to 22 13-18 year olds. ADAPT covers respectful relationships, sexting and consent, grooming, CSE and county lines, warning signs and support.

·         Delivered Kidz Club, Llamau’s group work for 7-12 year olds to 18 children. Kidz Club gives children a safe space to explore their experiences, understand their emotions and make new friendships.

·         Provided specialist support to 88 children who have accessed refuge with their mothers.

·         Delivered group work to 40 parents on understanding the impact of abuse on parenting, their children, rebuilding relationships and moving forward free from abuse.

·         Delivered group work to 52 women enabling them to have a better understanding of perpetrator behaviours and identify the warning signs.

·         Delivered parenting programmes to families who teenagers are displaying aggressive or abusive behaviours within the family.





Evaluations from young people exiting include:


“It’s made me more aware, and I know about what’s right and wrong and how to feel safer”


“The support I’ve received gave me the understanding of my rights and helps my relationship”

I feel very happy, my son has become more vocal and seems to have more confidence in himself – parent .

Child : Happy J

The support has been very beneficial and has greatly helped my children , thank you J-parent

I feel the support has been amazing and has helped me and my daughter a great deal in getting our life and relationship on track – parent.


Millie received outreach from a specialist child worker having experienced high risk abuse within the family home from mum’s ex partner. Each session began with a feelings check in, which gave Millie an opportunity to recognise and discuss how she was feeling at the present moment, and to reflect back on how her week has been.  Specific feelings were then explored - how they made her physically feel in her body, and how they made her feel emotionally. Every session was child led and covered issues based on her experiences. These included Domestic Abuse, her feelings of guilt and blame, safe people, safety planning, Children’s rights, her feelings including worries, anger and sadness. Millie developed a better understanding of domestic abuse and how it affected her and her family.  Millie was encouraged to engage with materials that are taken to the sessions such as playdough, Lego, craft items and mobile sand pit. These resources are therapeutic in nature and allowed Millie to process emotions whilst engaging with staff in a safe and trusting environment.

Millie now has an understanding of domestic abuse, and is now recognising her feelings and able to discuss how they are affecting her physically as well as mentally and learning to give herself new positive messages. She has improved behaviour in school and staff have fed back that she is happier and more settled. Mum is attending group work to develop her own confidence, and the family are moving forward positively in their lives.

To find out more about the work of Llamau, visit their website https://www.llamau.org.uk/

Sarah Kersley