ACE Aware Wales
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Our 5 Goals

Sharing information and knowledge about ACES, listening and working together with communities, children and families to find solutions that will work.

Sharing evidence about what organisations can do differently to help prevent and mitigate ACEs.

Developing knowledge and skills among professionals, providing training for them to challenge internal and external networks and drive change.

Learning from each other, and sharing information that leads to action.

Driving change by challenging ways of working, throughout Wales.

Meet The Team


The ACE Support Hub is a blend of both functional sector expertise, passionate about the ACE agenda and helping you become ACE Aware.

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joanne hopkins

director of the ace support hub

“My ambition throughout my career has been to make a difference, and to seek and take opportunities to do so. Some of my proudest achievements have also shaped my life. I developed the first Strategy to eliminate violence against women and girls for the UK Government, something that still is my professional highlight, and to this day I am passionate about tackling all forms of gender based violence and the inequality in society that underpins it. I have been a champion of diversity and inclusion in the Home Office for many years, including chair of the Home Office Women’s network and senior sponsor of the gender equality network.

My ambition is to take the skills and expertise I have acquired from 18 years in the public sector and academic achievements to continue to develop my knowledge about what makes a difference to people, to learn and to keep learning, both academically and just from the experiencing of listening and engaging with people. And supporting others to realise their hopes, dreams and ambitions. And for my family to be proud of what I do.”


charlotte waite

relationship and engagement Lead

"I’m inspired by the amazing work the Housing and Homelessness sectors are doing in embracing their role in preventing, tackling and mitigating ACEs. My ambition is to champion this work, so that the sector’s abundance of creativity and compassion shines a light on what is possible and leads the way for other sectors.

ACEs are everybody’s business and so I am driven to help everyone understand what this means for them and what they can do about it, from a community group in Cardiff with big ambitions for a compassionate city, to Government, both local and national, where I hope to help turn rhetoric into action."


Laura tranter

community sector engagement lead

"My ambition is for all youth services and youth justice services to be aware of ACEs and be equipped to help young people self regulate and know their own behaviour.

I would like to see a general awareness of ACEs and trauma among the general population, Supported by local action around developing kinder, more compassionate communities. 

I would also love to see a society where everyone recognises that they can 'Be the One' to somebody, and the difference this makes."


Kelly Mcfadyen

training and skills development lead

"I am motivated to increasing awareness of ACEs across professional groups and sectors in Wales enabling the workforce to realise their contribution to preventing, responding to and mitigating the impact of ACEs.

My ambition is to ensure that the workforce has access to relevant materials and resources that facilitate increasing capacity and capability around ACEs and that ACEs are embedded within professional development approaches and aligned to relevant workforce frameworks. I am keen that the culture of organisations acknowledges ACEs as systemic and requiring a quality, systems response and how organisations can be supported to change and embed ACE-informed approaches."





sian griffiths

education sector lead

"My ambition is for every school in Wales to understand what the term 'ACE' means, and to have begun to embed ACE informed practice. I would like to see a better understanding of what a child’s behaviour might be communicating and how their role as a teacher is vital in helping a child develop resilience to overcome adversity.

In an ideal world, every school would have an ACE Ambassador who would be a champion for our most vulnerable pupils . I would love to enter a classroom in the future and observe the children describing the hand model of the brain and how they self- regulate during stressful events. A teacher has the most important job and can change the direction of a child’s life by simply being a trusted, caring adult willing to listen, show empathy and compassion."


Sarah ingham

Communications and engagement lead

"My ambition is for all public services in Wales to have an awareness of ACEs and exchange ideas and good practice with each other using the spaces created by the ACE Support Hub. For the public, I want everyone in Wales to know what ACEs are, what they mean for us, our children and future generations and what we can all do, in our professional and personal lives, to create lasting change.

I would love to see people and communities become kinder and more compassionate, which will provide the foundations for us to tackle ACEs at a population level."



Ellie toll

Business support manager

"I am inspired by the work happening in the ACE Hub, we've seen so much change already and in two years’ time, I know we will have made a huge difference to tackling ACEs in Wales. My ambition is to assist the team in all their ventures, particularly in organising events that really engage people in this mission and support the team with all their activities."


Partner Programmes

We work with partners who share our ambition of making Wales a leader in preventing, tackling and mitigating the effects of ACEs. Find out more about them below.


First 1,000 Days Programme

We work with partners who share our ambitions. like the First 1000 Days (F1000D) programme, which aims to give every child in Wales the best start in life. The first 1000 days during pregnancy and up to a child’s second birthday, represent a critical part of childhood when we form attachments to our caregivers, learn how to safely explore and trust the world around us, and start to communicate. It is when the most rapid phase of brain growth and development takes place and where the foundations are laid down for our future health and wellbeing.

Despite our best efforts in Wales, the inequalities persist and we want to ensure that we are doing all that we can to support families at this pivotal time. The F1000D Programme aims to support improved system-working and a shift in focus to evidence-based action in this critical period. It facilitates the F1000D Collaborative, which brings together partners from across public services, third sector and the public to support and challenge each other in thinking and working together differently. If we get it right, we will begin to see the improvements we all aspire to achieve, including;

·         Optimal outcomes from every pregnancy for mother and child

·         Children achieving their developmental outcomes at age 2

·         Fewer children exposed to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in the first 1000 days.

If you want to talk to our partners in the First 1000 Days Programme, email